Real Estate


Real Estate as an investment has historically proven itself to be one of the strongest performing asset classes, and, in many ways, Real Estate actually has many advantages over investing in traditional stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

The most notable benefits of investing in Real Estate and Real Estate-based financial products typically include: a long term investment horizon, predictable profit capture, and the ability to generate passive income.

Also, depending on the region in which you plan to invest, Real Estate can provide an array of benefits surrounding leverage capabilities and tax advantages.

The Problem, however, is that Real Estate as an investment remains frozen in time. Transactions are conducted the same manner as they have been since the late 1900’s: using outdated infrastructure that rely on paper based processes and multiple third-party intermediaries.


The Cedent platform utilizes blockchain-based technology to modernize real estate transactions and deals, and eliminate the largest inefficiencies associated with real estate capital raising, management and investing. Cedent’s Real Estate Tokenization platform is strategically positioned as a dual onboarding tool for investors coming from traditional finance as well as cryptocurrency investors.

By transitioning Real Estate Investing into the digital age, we not only improve efficiency, we also democratize the investment medium by making it accessible to a global investor base. Tokenization brings much-needed liquidity and transparency to a traditionally opaque industry.

Cedent’s Real Estate Tokenization Platform breaks the process into four stages:

  • 1
    Structure and Digitize

    Cedent’s real estate tokenization platform provides a standardized method of digitizing the value of a single real estate property, either partially or in full.

  • 2
    Monitor and Report

    Offer your investors to buy or sell real estate tokens online, while you can easily distribute revenues to 1000s of token holders. Blockchain technology enhances transaction transparency and enables investors to trade peer-to-peer without middleman.

  • 3
    Tender and Buyback

    Buybacks are an essential part of a tokenized real estate property's lifecycle. Buying tokens back from investors can be designed in various ways and is mainly required when the property is being sold to a 3rd party buyer. Cedent’s platform is designed to seamlessly facilitate all types of settlement including buybacks.

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