Services for HNIs
and Family Offices

In addition to corporate and institutional solutions, Cedent also offers a wide range of bespoke services to EAMs, family offices, and HNWIs. In this way, we are able to offer integrated access to the global cryptocurrency and digital asset markets with services such as prime brokerage, institutional-grade custody, staking services, collateralized loans and other crypto-financial services.

Although private wealth management is considered conservative, it can hardly deny the positive financial aspects of the asset class cryptocurrencies. The emerging supply of financial vehicles in the crypto world is trying to serve the increasing, mostly discrete demand. The first approved and secure crypto certificates and funds have been issued. The largest OTC Desk Circle processed over $ 24 billion in transaction volume for 600 counterparties in 2018. The trend is towards the inclusion of smaller proportions of cryptocurrencies in the portfolio of wealthy individuals, and this trend will only increase.

Crypto Custody
and Cold Storage

Large custodian banks do not yet handle crypto assets, and brand-name auditors are seldom disclosed as being involved with companies in the space.

Cedent’s Crypto Custody solution, Cedent Vault, is a customizable service targeted towards HNIs, FOs, fund managers, who are looking for a peace-of-mind end-to-end storage solution for their cryptocurrency.

By utilizing our services Institutional clients reduce their risk of holding assets directly, while receiving all the regulatory benefits such as transparency, accountability and compliance.


But what does that mean?

Cedent Vault provides a proven and audited multi-signing process for optimal governance of assets

Assets maintained in the fully redundant Cedent Vault are held in cold storage on individual blockchain addresses that are easily accessible 24/7 without hardware, thus allowing clients and client-permissioned individuals access to their crypto assets for transfers, trading and other purposes.

Forks and

Virtual/digital currencies and other digital assets reside on blockchain networks and undergo network forks from time to time, so clients owning digital currencies may be the recipient of virtual/digital currencies and/or other digital assets through airdrops from time to time.

When a network forks or when an account receives an airdrop, Cedent Vault uses deep-value technology, such a web3 and oracle-informed automated reporting processes that assess the value of the fork or drop; after which, our team of developers will either adapt the storage system to accommodate the the fork/ drop or reject it completely

Most crypto storage services simply do not have the capacity to accommodate forks or airdrops and, as a result, they are automatically rejected, which in some cases results in a significant opportunity loss for the client.

Staking Services

Cedent provides a comprehensive and secure staking solution for your major crypto holdings.

Staking is the process in which users of a blockchain put crypto assets at stake (hence the term ‘staking’) to perform tasks for the blockchain. It is an active way of securing the blockchain through the proof-of-stake consensus protocol. In turn, your staked assets earn interest in the form of whatever asset you are staking

Prime Brokerage

Our prime brokerage strategy is based on a matrix of deep-technology procedures. Strategic, AI-Informed execution combined with deep liquidity, and algorithmic smart order routing technology

This allows us to take advantage of major market corrections related to OTC transactions and Exchange Liquidations

Compared to trading on a single exchange, Cedent provides and executions strategy that utilizes a wide network of global exchanges the best possible execution for your trades across the most popular exchanges globally.

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